Garment Care instruction

Garment Care 

Show Some Love with Hand Washing Magic: Unleash the charm of your garment by steering clear of the dry cleaning drama – it's a no-go for delicate fabrics and the dazzling finishes like printed sublimation, hologram, foil, vinyl, rhinestones, or sequins. Dive into the fun side of care with the safest and most recommended technique—hand washing.

Spot-Cleaning Finesse: For those unexpected stains, our secret weapon is a splash of oxy clean dish soap—trust us, it works wonders! Before you go all-in, give it a test on a hidden spot. Gently dance your fingertips over the stain, let the solution groove for 2 minutes, and rinse off the blues with cold water.

Hand Wash with a Splash of TLC: Time to treat your garment to a spa day! In the cool waters of hand washing, use a dash of mild soap (psst...skip the Woolite). Keep the sequins and rhinestones smiling by washing them inside out. Machines aren't invited to this party. Rinse thoroughly, no wringing or agitation allowed. Be present – don't soak and leave it hanging!

Air-Dry, Let the Good Vibes Flow: After the hand wash serenade, let's towel off any excess water – multiple towels may join the party. No drips allowed! It's time for your garment to hang loose and air-dry; the dryer is on vacation.

No Ironing, Seriously: Leave the spandex drama at the door—ironing is so last season. Avoid the burn marks and opt for a garment steamer to smooth out any wrinkles. Hang it like a superstar to keep those vibes wrinkle-free. For a happy ending, store it in a breathable pillowcase – plastic and nylon bags need not apply.

Unlock Stain-Free Bliss with Our Expert TLC: Feeling swamped with stubborn stains? Let us take the stage and work our backstage magic! If you crave a professional touch and dream of saying goodbye to those pesky marks, reach out to us through our Contact Us page. Your garment is eagerly awaiting its spa day, and it will thank you for the VIP treatment!